How would you describe Paisley Road? ...

The Paisley Road Duo is an acoustic guitar/vocal duo formed in February 2014. As a duo, We love doing stripped back covers of songs from many genres ... the sound we create is pure and clean with no backing tracks, no  mixing or hi tech productions

Since forming, Paisley Road has worked hard and has quickly developed into a very focused outfit. We spend a lot of time on arrangements, rehearsals, gigging, marketing and business management to grow our fan and venue base.

Paisley Road Duo comprises Joanne Edwards (vocals and percussion) and Ian Bennett (guitar and percussion), with the band seeing the addition of our highly experienced drummer, Stephen Mazza and bass player David James.

Our set lists cover many genres and concentrate mainly on well-known tunes from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Our duo arrangements provide easy listening and nostalgic music for audiences while our band will get audiences up and dancing. Testimonials from audiences continually describe Paisley Road’s style and arrangements as insightful, classy and polished while creating a perfect ambiance for a memorable afternoon or evening out

Paisley Road’s members are all well regarded musicians. Joanne’s versatile vocals range from sultry jazz to contemporary and country ballads, to pop and rock. Ian’s award winning guitar style adds unique arrangements and incredible depth, while Steve's expert drumming and backing vocals along with David's accomplished bass rhythms help to create the unique sound that we like to define as “Paisley Road”

How would you use Paisley Road? ...

Paisley Road Duo is perfect for a lounge-bar, restaurant or cocktail event where you are looking to achieve an intimate ambiance.

Paisley Road Band is perfect for any function such as corporate, weddings, clubs etc where a more lively feel is required ... start the evening with soft dinner music then ramp up the tempo and stand by for fun and dancing!

As well as playing great music, Paisley Road will engage with the audience to ensure they have a memorable evening