A Paisley Wedding...

Paisley Road is in a unique position to be able to offer all required levels of musical services to our wedding clients … i.e.


  • Before and during the actual ceremony with instrumental (guitar only) or as a duo (guitar & vocals)
  • After the ceremony and before the formal reception begins with a cocktail set (guitar only or guitar & vocals or guitar & drums)
  • During the formal reception with soft dinner music
  • After the formal part of the reception with up-tempo dance music


Our services include meeting with the bride and groom, well ahead of the wedding date, to discuss specific song requirements that may be required for both the ceremony and reception, as well as any progress meetings required as the wedding day approaches.


While each wedding is quite different, the following gives an indication of what service we might offer for your wedding day:


For ceremony only including (Duo):

  • Up to 30 minutes music prior to the ceremony starting
  • Specific entrance song
  • Chosen songs at the signing of the registry
  • Specific recessional song
  • Up to 30 minutes music after the ceremony concludes


For music at the reception (Trio)

  • Up to 30 minutes music while guests arrive and find their seats
  • Specific song played when bridal party arrives
  • Dinner music while guests are eating
  • Specific song for the "Bridal Waltz"
  • Cocktail and dance music till end of reception function


Paisley Road’s fees for both the ceremony and reception take into account the length of time we are booked to play, the location, as well as for any specific song arrangements that need to be written to ensure the most uplifting experience for the Bridal party.


Why not contact Ian or Joanne to discuss how Paisley Road can make your wedding day truly memorable